Best 3 electric hand blender India 2020

Best 3 electric hand blender India 2020

Best 3 electric hand blender India 2020

Blenders are used to mix two or more ingredients in a single mixture. Through this, we can make shakes, smoothies or lots of drinkable drinks.A healthy lifestyle is very important for a human being to stay away from lots of diseases. For this, we have to drink healthy shakes.An electric Hand blender is a very important part of our everyday life.There are lots of blenders few are very costly few are very cheap now the main problem is the quality of that blenders.

Best electric Blenders to Help You Kitchen in India 2020

Hand blenders


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LIOMES Portable 4 Blade USB Electric Blender

150 watts

ABS plastic
Liomes portable 4 blade usb electric blender price

Inalsa Robot INOX1000 Hand Blender

800 watts

Stainless steel

Inalsa Robot hand blender price at amazon

Boss B101 Portable Hand Blender

125 watts
ABS plastic
Boss portable hand blender

In this blog,I will explain the Best 3 electric hand blenders based on some parameters. These parameters are:


The material of any blenders is considered as plastic or steel.If the material is plastic then this is unendurable and not good for health because it causes health disease. So the preferable material is steel.


The power is considered or measure in watts but doesn’t worry for your I will explain watts with their function.

These functions are:

  • For Blending: 100-150 watts power are required
  • Chopping of Fruits and vegetables: 200-250 watts power is required
  • For crushing ice(heavier task)-: 500 watts are required


The weight of any machine can be measure in kg or for the lightweight machine it is in gm. For any blender which is portable or handy then the ideal weight should be light.The weight of blender should not more than 2.5kg because it is difficult to hold that blender.

On the above parameters, I will give you proper guidance through which you will get the best blenders.

LIOMES Portable 4 Blade USB Electric Blender



It is an electric blender which is small in size or very lightweight and you can carry this to your school, college or anywhere where you want to carry. This is a USB electric blender that is high in power.

Product Features:

  • This is a little beast which can be charged by power bank, laptop, car or other USB devices.
  • It is a very high power blender that can effortlessly blend fruits and vegetables.
  • It is very portable to carry in your bag.
  • The motor power of this grinder is less but it used enough.
  • The weight of this blender is very light in weight which is grams. It is very handy.
  • The material is ABS which is impact resistant, which means it has better toughness.

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LIOMES Portable 4 Blade USB Electric Blender


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Inalsa Robot INOX1000 electric Hand Blender



Inalsa blender is very good to make lots of types of smoothies and it is very powerful. This is one of the best blenders in India.

Product Features:

  • The weight of this blender is 1.4 kg only. This is very good in the grip.
  • It has 800 watt powerful motor which can do every task and you will get the best result.
  • The material of this blender is Stainless still which is very good.
  • It has a variable speed option through which you can any texture to your dish.
  • This product has consumer-friendly 5 star ratings.

This is amazing product which is very useful for us.Just check it out on amazon.

Inalsa Robot electric Hand Blender india 2020
Inalsa Robot INOX1000 Hand Blender

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Boss B101 125-Watt Portable electric Blender, Grey


Boss is a very good company among all health freak peoples that are interested to make such kinds of smoothies. This is a very high rating product.

Product features:

  • It is very easy to clean this portable blender.
  • It has 3 stainless steel blades to do a variety of jobs easily.
  • The warranty for this product is about two years.
  • It has massive power according to there size which is 125 watts and it has a frequency of 50 Hz.
  • It contains blender with 3 blades, wall mounting stand, a user manual with warranty card.
Boss Portable Blender india 2020
Boss Portable Blender india 2020

Some best gadgets which will help you in your kitchen

On the basis of some research we gave you some useful information.Just read other articles which is to much informative like this..

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